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Power Avenue Warehouse

Built In 1892 and known historically as the Schuhmacher Wholesale Grocery Warehouse, The The Power Avenue Warehouse in Victoria, Texas was built for the firm of A. Levi & Company.

It remains one of the least altered industrial/warehouse buildings in Victoria. The historic neighborhoods of Victoria and the old buildings we cherish are great, not necessarily because architects were so much better trained a century and a half ago, but because a consensus demanded better work, and especially work more respectful of the public realm. Our great-grandfathers didn’t have to argue about the basic need to embellish building in order to nourish the human spirit. The need to do so was so assumed, agreed upon on a broad popular basis.

The Power Avenue Warehouse features a raised parapet and denticulate brick cornice. These features, which were costly to include, are purely ornamental; added to give beauty to a utilitarian structure.

There came a brief, anomalous period between 1893 and 1918 when American conscious decided to make something better of their cities and towns. A generation of architects rediscovered the notion of civic space and the principles of civic art. They had found the missing ingredient in American life. The result was the “City Beautiful” movement. The Power Avenue Warehouse is a fine example of architecture which gives something back to those who look at it.

Situated on the north side of Memorial Square, our city’s first public burial ground, this engaging structure is enjoying a rebirth as a spacious setting for meetings, parties, and celebrations. Because of its architectural significance. The A. Levi & Company Warehouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is an architectural jewel.

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